Strong Families.
Healthy Children.
Connected Communities.


The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a place that builds healthy, connected communities by supporting families and young children.  



Our vision is that every family is connected, healthy, and strong. 


The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a leader in fostering community and accompanying families as they realize their potential. 


We are honored to carry the name of Janet S. Munt and legacy of good work in continuing to support children and families at the Family Room. 

   For over 30 years, the Family Room has provided education, support, and connection for parents and promoted physical, social, emotional and linguistic development in children.  Our services combat social isolation and post-partum depression, empower fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives, improve school readiness in young children, prevent abuse and neglect, encourage better nutrition, and support those who suffer from substance abuse.


Janet S. Munt

    Our program is named for Janet S. Munt, a pioneering social worker and Vermont senator who advocated tirelessly for the needs of low-income families and especially women and children.  Munt understood the need for holistic services, and that supporting parents and caregivers in making good choices for themselves and their children was of paramount importance to the health of the community.

Our History

Our Future


     Since becoming an independent agency in 2017, the Family Room has continued to be a place of connection.  We continue to offer programming that is accessible to all and flexible enough to meet the needs of our changing community. The Family Room helps parents grow their support networks, and creates a vibrant and diverse community that integrates new Vermonters with those whose families have lived here for generations.  It is a place where differences of class, race, language and religion are celebrated and honored, and cultural awareness grows.


Family Room Staff

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