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Our History

About The Family Room

Our center is named for Janet S. Munt, a pioneering social worker and Vermont senator who advocated tirelessly for the needs of low-income families and especially women and children.  Munt understood the need for holistic services, and that supporting parents and caregivers in making good choices for themselves and their children was of paramount importance to the health of the community.

Janet S. Munt

The Family Room supports connection for parents and families, provides education, promotes physical, social, emotional, and linguistic development in children, and nurtures a vibrant and diverse community.

Each year, we serve over 1,500 individuals who live in 18 cities and towns in
Chittenden County and who speak 24 languages. Over 50% of our families are
New Americans, immigrants and refugees, or identify as BIPOC. We have served generations of children ages prenatal-5 and their caregivers.

Our services combat social isolation and postpartum depression, empower fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives, improve school readiness in young children, prevent abuse and neglect, encourage better nutrition, and support those who suffer from substance misuse.

Originally founded as a program of the VNA of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties in 1988, The Family Room became an independent parent-child center with 501(c)(3) status in 2017.

We collaborate closely with over 20 community partnerships, including The VT Foodbank, UVM Medical Center, AALV, WVPD, WIC, VT Legal Aid, ECHO, UVM and Champlain College, and more in order to achieve our mission. Partly in response to the COVID pandemic, we shifted many of our programs to address emerging community needs.

Click Here to view our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan Summary.

Click Here to view our annual Impact Reports.

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