Strong Families.
Healthy Children.
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The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a place that builds healthy, connected communities by supporting families and young children.  


Our vision is that every family is connected, healthy, and strong. 


The Janet S. Munt Family Room is a leader in fostering community and accompanying families as they realize their potential. 


We are honored to carry her name and legacy of good work in continuing to support children and families at the Family Room. 

   For over 30 years, the Family Room has provided education, support, and connection for parents and promoted physical, social, emotional and linguistic development in children.  Our services combat social isolation and post-partum depression, empower fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives, improve school readiness in young children, prevent abuse and neglect, encourage better nutrition, and support those who suffer from substance abuse.


Janet S. Munt

    Our program is named for Janet S. Munt, a pioneering social worker and Vermont senator who advocated tirelessly for the needs of low-income families and especially women and children.  Munt understood the need for holistic services, and that supporting parents and caregivers in making good choices for themselves and their children was of paramount importance to the health of the community.

     Since becoming an independent agency in 2017, the Family Room has continued to be a place of connection.  We continue to offer programming that is accessible to all and flexible enough to meet the needs of our changing community. The Family Room helps parents grow their support networks, and creates a vibrant and diverse community that integrates new Vermonters with those whose families have lived here for generations.  It is a place where differences of class, race, language and religion are celebrated and honored, and cultural awareness grows.


Family Room Staff

Your Advocates

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Josh Miller

Executive Director

In 2014, I was hired as the Fatherhood Employment Specialist and have enjoyed being involved in all of our other programmings. When we became an independent organization in July of 2017, I was hired as the Executive Director. 

It has been a challenge and a great honor to lead this organization, be in such a great community and continue the legacy of Janet Munt. The Family Room is home to many and is truly a village where everyone is welcome and supported. 


Sarah Sinnott

Community Coordinator

Sarah has been with the Family Room since its earliest days. She welcomes families and visitors, is a huge advocate, and amazing garden organizer.




Jackie Reno

Preschool Director / Program Manager

This year marks my 10th year at the Family Room! I am honored to be part of this special community.

I love finding ways to inspire children and families to enjoy nature, art, stories, humor, and humanity in the preschool program, in Family Play, and at the Garden. 



Rosie Senna

Family Support / Food and Nutrition

I came to the Family Room 28 years ago.  I believe in the work of the Family Room and Non -Profits, because of what it did for me and what it has done for so many others.

My hero is a fellow Family Room former employee, Nellie Ishee.  Nellie always believed in me even when I didn’t.


Keegan Albaugh

Fatherhood Coordinator

I became the Fatherhood Program Coordinator at the Family Room in October of 2019.  My passion for supporting parents started in 2016, when I became a father myself and noticed a lack of support, groups, and community for fathers of young children.

Manisha Khadka

Family Strengthening Worker / Preschool Teacher

Manisha works in the New American Health Clinic as a Family Strengthening Worker, and has been a preschool teacher since she started in 2013.  


Chong Ho Kim

Preschool Teacher / Home Visitor

In the spring 2018 I was hired to the preschool team and later expanded to home visits, family play, and parent education. However my history with the family room started much earlier; I came to the Family Room back in 2007 as a mom, newly moved to town with a year old baby. Coming from Seoul, Korea, I love that I can work in a place with people from all over the world.


Justine Donahue

Social Worker / Volunteer Coordinator

I began interning at the Family Room in the summer of 2017, and was happy to join the team when I graduated in 2018.  I work with families and children to meet their goals, and especially enjoy incorporating art, nature, and the garden into my practice. I am passionate about fostering a supportive environment for our community members, and I am excited to continue my work advocating for families.

Robin McClelland

Administrative Awesomeness

I have been with the Family Room since February 2019.  I started helping with data collection, and am now doing Administrative tasks.  I am so excited to be a small part of the wonderful work everyone does here at the Family Room. My hero is anyone fighting for the planet. 


Jennie Moore

Family Support / "Fooder"

I started at the Family Room as a volunteer.  I had been very depressed and my Reach Up worker told me to get out and volunteer.  They sent me to the Family Room and I fell in love with the families and the staff, so much so that I begged for a job.  I was hired! My role at the family room is Kitchen support ( or as the pre schoolers named me “the Fooder”).


Laura Hale

Grant Writer

I joined the Family Room in the fall of 2018 as a grant consultant and was thrilled to join the staff as the organization's grant writer in early 2019.  I’ve held many roles in the nonprofit and government world in Vermont - from Development Assistant to Executive Director - and working with the Family Room has been a reminder of how much good can be done by building a supportive community of peers instead of getting stuck with the traditional division between service provider and service recipient.


Maryan Maalin

Family Strengthening Worker

Maryan works in the New American Health Clinic as a Family Strengthening worker. She has been a part of the Family Room Community for over a decade.


Dayva Savio

Healthy Families from the Start Coordinator

I started volunteering at the Family Room in 2018 when I first moved back to Vermont and joined the staff in 2020!

I love how the Family Room supports all families exactly where they are at. Everyone is included and welcomed as soon as they walk through the door.

As a trained Postpartum Doula, Childbirth and Lactation Educator I am excited to support families who are expecting or have new little babies. 

My focus is always on finding ways to cultivate a calm nervous system and feel connected and confident as parents to our little humans. 

Board of Directors

Sophia Donforth

Board Chair

Sophia Donforth brings her training as a middle school teacher and community organizer to her role as president of the Janet S. Munt Family Room board.  As a new mom, the Family room proved invaluable to her wellbeing and her confidence as a parent. 

Ash St. Gelais

Board Member

Ash has been buying, renovating, renting, and managing their own investments for over a decade now. Currently, they’re leading a team that profitably manages over $35M in rental real estate assets as the CEO/Owner of Fusion Property Management and the #REfreedom Realty Group.

Amity Baker

Board Member

Amity is a CPA with JMM & Associates, a public accounting firm in Colchester, VT where she specializes in auditing not-for-profit organizations.  Before becoming a CPA, Amity had a checkered professional past doing everything from teaching English in Taiwan, to digging test pits with an archaeological firm, to being a church secretary.

Suzy Finnefrock

Board Secretary

Suzy discovered The Family Room when her son was 6 months old.  Over 3 years later she has the honor and privilege of serving on the board of directors.  She is grateful for the support, connection, and opportunity to expand her community.

Meg Mclaughlin

Board Member

Meg is a public health professional with over 9 years of community-based research and project implementation in the field, specifically focused on human rights, basic needs and access to healthcare for women and children. ​

Mary Lee Ritter

Board Member

Mary Lee is a pediatric nurse practitioner and has been a volunteer at the Family Room on Thursdays for eighteen months.  She recognizes the importance of support for families and opportunities to interact with others as well as encouraging community connections.

Lindsay Longe

Board Treasurer

Lindsay is the Major Gifts Officer for Academic Health Sciences at the UVM Medical Center. She works with patients and their families, community members, and alumni of the UVM Larner College of Medicine to raise money for patient care, education, and research.​ She is passionate about the importance of positive early childhood experiences, family connections, and community. 

Andrea Solazzo

Board Member

Andrea Solazzo currently manages the Northern Vermont gleaning program, coordinates with area food shelves on nutrition education and works with the various fresh produce programs at the Vermont Foodbank. Additionally, Andrea supports the Foodbank through diversity and inclusion work, advocacy and story gathering initiatives.

Karen Smith 

Board Member

Karen is a licensed social worker, focusing on families and children. Her career began with an adoption agency supporting children with special needs. Karen then moved to Howard Center where she worked for twelve years as a clinician, supervisor and ultimately became the  Director of an Alternative High School.

Board Members:

Mark Edsell

Kristine Foley 


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